Over 30 Years Serving GTA And The Surrounding Areas

Grass has never been greener then with our sprinklers.

EZ Lawn Sprinklers

Serving the GTA & Surrounding Areas For Over 30 Years

EZ Lawn Sprinklers started with the goal of providing quality products to our customers along with excellent customer service. We take pride in our collaborative approach when it comes to your watering needs and knowing that no question goes unanswered. We believe in working together with you to nourish your lawn and garden while being able to conserve water at the same time.

Once you learn the ins and outs of the system, your lawn maintenance will seem like it is on autopilot and you will be wondering why you didn’t call us years ago. With our system, your lawn and gardens are always kept healthy without having to spend too much time and effort worrying about it.

Our core business is residential properties ranging from a few hundred square feet to ones over an acre. A lawn sprinkler or irrigation system for your property has to be specific to the size of your property, the sun it receives, the type of plant material and the amount of water pressure you have. We design our systems to water the grass separately from the gardens and this is done by separating the system into various zones and by choosing the correct head for each area. Controlled by a fully automatic timer that is WIFI compatible, your system will eliminate the guessing of when to and how much water your lawn and garden require. An optional rain sensor will override the system in case of rain.

We also service various commercial properties, condo buildings, strip malls and places of worship.
Want to learn more about EZ Lawn Sprinklers, our installation process and our services, it’s easy, Call or email us today and find out.

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    Why Choose Us?

    With over 30 years’ experience in the irrigation business, our service is unmatched.

    Specialized Company

    We specialize in servicing and installing your lawn sprinklers.

    Licensed & Insured

    Fully licensed and insured to cover any unforeseen issues.

    Dependable Services

    We love to take pride in the work we do. Each project is finished on time and on budget.

    Day Scheduling

    We schedule your service appointment and visit your property on the same or next business day.

    Free Consultations

    We offer free, no obligation quotes for new installations and will meet you at your property.

    Reputable Company

    Operating for more than 30 years, earning a reputation for service and beautiful work.

    A Complete Solution for Your Lawn Sprinkler Problems

    Each property is unique and we take our time personalize our systems to your needs.

    Our Services

    Whether it is a new installation, servicing an existing system, large or small property, we can handle it at EZ Lawn Sprinklers.


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    Sprinkler Servicing

    What Our Clients Are Saying

    Installed home sprinkler system very professionally and quickly, highly recommend. Was extremely competitive with pricing and had the most thoughtful overview of how to scope and deliver project. Seemless work
    - Jmo260686

    E-Z Lawn Sprinklers is definitely my top choice company to take care of my lawn. I have been with them for 20 years moving from one house to another. They always come to my rescue as soon as possible when I need them. When we were in Europe for the summer, E-Z Lawn Sprinklers made sure to keep our lawn green and fresh throughout scorching summer heat. They stay on top of the seasons by sending out notifications ahead of time to let us know they are coming so we could arrange our nanny to be home to greet them. Most of my friends and relatives’ lawns are being maintained by E-Z Lawn Sprinklers. Highly Recommended!

    - William

    This is an outstanding company, a pleasure to deal with – arrive on time and explain everything in detail. Every technician is knowledgeable and polite. I use this company for 2 years to shutoff and restart my system, they also did some minor repairs this year. Prices are very reasonable.

    - Pavel

    Scott did a great job installing my backyard sprinkler system. He provided a very competitive quote, and was responsive to my emails and questions. He also worked around my sod installation to ensure the jobs would be completed together. Going forward, I expect Scott will continue to reply to any questions or concerns I have and provide great customer service. Thank you for an expert job, Scott!

    - Levto

    $85 for the yearly shut-down service, they come by, blow out our pipes and call it a year. Every ‘technician’ that has come by to help us thus far has been friendly, sociable and reliable. They come on time and get the job done. I had a small crack in a connection outside, they searched their van for a small part and fixed it for me free of charge.

    Last year a sprinkler head wasn’t coming out of the ground and we didn’t know it. They caught it, dug it up, repaired it for no extra charge, it was part of the regular maintenance.

    They care about what they do and have good workers who are educated and professional.

    100% will continue service with EZ-Lawn sprinklers.

    - bmskarate